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Net Asset Values (Share Price) as of close on 2/17/06
(Updated next business day after market close)
10.11* 9.23* 13.68 15.93* 14.26 14.93*
*On 12/30/05 the following per share distributions were paid:
GBF: $0.1090 Div
STBF: $0.1333 Div
SCSF: $1.3864 LTG
ACF: $0.5406 LTG
No distributions were paid for LCSF, and INTF.
If current prices are not available, please contact shareholder services at 800-332-7738 PIN 3370.
Historic NAV Information Historic Distribution Information
The above files are in Microsoft Excel™ Format and are updated daily at 11:30 am

The STAAR Investment Trust is a unique family of no-load mutual funds, dedicated to helping you with Investment Strategies You Can Understand SM

There are no front-end or back-end sales charges (loads).  With few exceptions, you can deposit, withdraw or switch funds when you want to without charges.  It's simple and straightforward.

We offer six funds from which to choose:
  • General Bond Fund (GBF)
  • Short Term Bond Fund (STBF)
  • Larger Company Stock Fund (LCSF)
  • Smaller Company Stock Fund (SCSF)
  • International Fund (INTF)
  • AltCat (Alternative Categories) Fund (ACF)

Five are designed to have a high correlation to asset allocation categories, making for simple planning .

The four equity funds of the Trust own other mutual funds (fund of funds) and provide the opportunity to own a variety of excellent load and no-load funds without having to pay front-end or back-end sales charges. This use of multiple managers provides greater diversification .

Yet combining a group of managers within each fund simplifies your life -- with the STAAR Investment Trust, you can own over 40 different mutual funds and only have one statement and one 1099!  Less confusion, easier to understand and easier for you to manage.

The two bond funds own diversified portfolios of investment quality government, government agency and corporate bonds.

All of the funds may own individual securities managed by inside or outside managers.  

Professional management and oversight of your investments frees you from day-to-day decisions.

A single consolidated statement showing activity, values and an asset allocation chart provides a simple, easy-to-understand view of your investments.

The Trust is an excellent choice for
  • IRAs, Rollovers, 401(k) and other Retirement Plans
  • Trusts
  • Endowments
  • College Education Savings
  • Any long-term investment accounts
So take a look and call or Email us with your questions.
Just use the menu on the left side of this page.